2023 Testimonials

"I appreciate that you are in Canada!  I’m sure I will order from you sometime in the future, as skating seems to be quickly becoming a bit of an obsession. ”
Emily, May 2023

"Thanks so much so all your help!!”
Vishal, May 2023

" I tried them out the Bones and Cheese Bearings and they are awesome!”
Byron, May 2023

"Thanks so much for everything! Above and beyond! 👍 Can't wait to try them out! Have a great weekend! 🙂”
Tracy, March 2023

"Thank you for your assistance with my questions regarding plates.”
Erica, May 2023

"😻 I can’t wait for my skates to arrive!”
Kitt, May 2023

"Hey, Tony,  love the skates! They're perfect. Thanks for bringing them in. If anybody asks you about these you can tell them I highly recommend them.”
Chris , April 2023

"Thank you again for all your help! I will be sure to recommend you.”
Laura, April 2023

"I just received my shipment - thank you so much for getting it sent out so quickly!”
Beth, April 2023

"I got them!! They are everything I wanted and more. I really appreciate all the help! I’ll definitely be in touch soon for ordering new wheels. Thank you again and wishing you the best!!”
Alice, April 2023

"Thanks, Tony. Yay! Rollerskate deliveries are my fave!
Ali, April 2023

"Tony that’s great news :) If possible a return would be the best for me. I truly appreciate you even letting me know that - most merchants wouldn’t have. I know as soon as I get my skates all my girlfriends will want them, I’ll make sure I send them straight to you. ”
Stephanie, March 2023

"Oh my goodness, yes please!! If you could please assemble the bearings and  spacers in the wheels that would be really great. Thanks again for all your help Tony!”
Nikita, February 2023

"Thank you for all your help and personal service. The skates arrived yesterday and fit wonderfully. I am very happy.”
Tricia, January 2023

"Good morning! I ordered the skates this morning. Thank you so much for your help. I will absolutely contact you when I'm ready for a new pair of Evokes. Crazy is a fantastic brand. They were ready to ride right out of the box. There was no need to change anything. I'd love to see more from them. I like the extra width. I street skate and they are amazing.”
Andrea, January 2023

"Those are exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you so much !”
Aimee, January 2023

"Thanks for all your help with my order Tony.”
Chris, January 2022

"Wheee^^ Just saw my tracking details! You’re amazing! Thank you!!!”
Yigale, January 2023

2022 Testimonials

"Just wanted to tell you my husband tried out his new wheels last night and said "they were as smooth as butter"! :) I've had a few people ask me at the rink about where to purchase skates etc. I've told them to check out RollerSkatin.ca! If you've got a bunch more business cards I could keep at the rink to hand out, that would be great?! Happy New Year!”
Tracey, December 2022

"Thanks again for such a speedy reply! You are awesome! Happy New Year! 😊
Bronte, December 2022

"You are so wonderful! Thanks much!! I appreciate the offer for complimentary mounting nuts and bolts.”
Maria, December 2022

"Those laces will be fine. Thank you for waving the difference; that’s kind of you. Thanks again and Happy Holidays !”
Olita, December 2022

"Thank you so much for getting these to us as fast as you did. We just opened up the box and they're still cold from being in the truck. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!”
Dawn, December 2022

"TONY!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! My package arrived TODAY!! THANK YOU!!! Merry Christmas!!!”
Tracey, December 2022

"Thx for your prompt responses. We love dealing with you guys.”
Kim, December 2022

"Thanks so much for your help today!!”
Susan, December 2022

"Hello Tony! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time last night to help me with mounting my plate! I am pretty sure I can find center with your tips. No questions! Just thanking you again!!”
Kimberly, December 2022

"Thank you so much for your help with the wheel choice for my husband's skates.  If you could put the bearings in the wheels that would be wonderful.”
Delina, December 2022

"Howdy Tony. The stuff arrived today. Everything looks and feels great. These boots are plush. Thanks a bunch!!”
Scotty, November 2022

"Tony I Just wanted to say thanks for all the help, it’s a pleasure to deal with a friendly no pressure guy. I also appreciate the price - it was very decent. If the boots skate half as good as they look I will be rockin. Lol Thanks again have a great day.!”
Joe, November 2022

"Thank you for the help and info on all this I appreciate it very much 🤘
Enrique, October 2022

"Oh my goodness that would be wonderful thank you so much. Again I really appreciate your Assistance and your patience.!”
Delina, September 2022

"OMG they came SUPER quick, thank you do much!! I'm in love with them thank you!!”
Lily, September 2022

"Wow that was fast!”
Patrick, September 2022

"Thanks so much for such a quick reply and detailed response. I really appreciate it. I'll try that!”
Charlotte, September 2022

"Happy Civic Holiday Tony, thank you for the update!  I really didn't expect you to answer until after the holiday. It is greatly appreciated and have a great day!”
Swayn, September 2022

"Thank you so much for my skates.”
Kiwi, August 2022

"Thanks for the quick delivery on my replacement skates. Super happy with them. I’ll get to use them for the first time this week!”
Christa, August 2022

"Just wanted to say thanks for having a 5/8 rubber plug available! Been tearing my plastic plugs doing sit spins. :-)!”
Lea, August 2022

"Amazing!! Thanks again for everything Tony, you're awesome!! If you're ever skating at Scooter's come say hi! :D !”
Kai, July 2022

"Thanks for the great service :D”
Seren, July 2022

"Right on, thanks Tony :) You are our go to skate guy.”
Marc, July 2022

"So I installed the new bearings you sent me and holy roadrunner batman...so nice and fast.”
Theodore, June 2022

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for setting me up with my Bont Prostars with the Ballistic wheels. I've used them twice now and they fit like a glove, and I am also digging those wheels. I was used to the heavy Dominion boot style back in the day. These Bonts are so light and comfortable. It's been at least 20 years since I've roller skated, but it's all coming back to me now...and loving it!!”
Randy, June 2022

"Just wanted to shoot a thank you your way, everything showed up today just as ordered! Thanks again, and you will be seeing an influx of business from my locale in the very near future!!”
Corey, June 2022

"Thanks again for all the assistance in choosing the right plate.”
Anthony, June 2022

"Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend your company and go to you first next time I am in the market.”
Jeanette, Month 2022

"Thanks so much for these and for installing the bearings, which I forgot to ask—I love these wheels! ”
Smeeta, June 2022

"Just wanted to say thanks again for getting me the boots and taking care of me so well.  It's truly appreciated!! :) !”
Judy, June 2022

"As always I can count on you for A1. Service Brother... It's an honour doing business with you Tony... Once again... Great suggestion... Go for it!  Much appreciated.”
Fitzgerald, May 2022

"Got them!!!! Everything looks good will take pics and post.”
Winsome, May 2022

"Thank you very much sir. You have been a pleasant surprise that a lot of merchants are lacking - customer relations, because with that comes good service automatically. Have a wonderful weekend and a big hello again from St. Catharines!”
Tito, May 2022

"I just got my wheels today! Wow that was fast! I was hoping I would have them for tomorrow's practice but totally didn't expect to. I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you very much for your help yesterday AND for installing the bearings for me, I wasn't expecting that. That makes my life a lot easier. Always a pleasure doing business with you. I'll be sure to recommend your business to the other women in the league. Cheers!”
Christa, May 2022

"The skates fit great on my feet and feel like a comfy pair of shoes I've already broken in. They feel super well made and like they'll be a lot of fun to use! It's raining today so I can only try them in the house so far. The back break is awesome, it's all awesome! Thank you for all your helpful information and guidance! 😀
Tammy, May 2022

"Thank you, my daughter will be thrilled!”
Andria, April 2022

"Awesome! You've got the colours I was hoping for! Yay!! 
Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to add a brake to this skate!! Now to choose what colour wheels! 😍

Tammy, April 2022

"Awesome!!! Thanks again, so looking forward to twirling about :)”
Tracy, April 2022

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you.  I definitely will continue shopping with your company. Thanks again for all your help and patience with me :)”
Peggy, April 2022

"The skates arrived and the mount looks great and rolls great!  Excited to try them out in the park!! Thank you again for doing an awesome job!!”
Cristina, March 2022

"Thank you so much for your help and guidance!  I love my new wheels and bearings!!”
Kelly, February 2022

"I received the items and the bag works perfectly as a custom fit for my ice skates!”
Greg, February 2022

"Hello! I ordered a pair of Sure-Grip Boardwalks from you last week. Shipping was so fast and they fit well! So excited to take them for a spin when the snow is gone.”
Monica, January 2022

"Happy new year Tony. Skates arrived and they fit great! Thanks for the great service!"
Rick, January 2022

2021 Testimonials

"Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate your quick responses and the time you've taken with this. I've heard nothing but good things about Boardwalk skates so I'm excited to try them out!"
Kyla, November 2021

"Thanks so much, the package just arrived. Thanks for the speedy service."
Christopher, November 2021

"Thank you for the incredible customer service!"
Faith, October 2021

"Hi Tonyz, Just received my new skates and they are awesome! Thank you so much!"
Michele, October 2021

"Thank you for the quick response!  You are awesome!  This is my second purchase from you and it is well worth it from on point service perspective 👍"
Swayn, September 2021

"...Thanks for the rapid response, can see why you’re well recommended!!"
Ian, September 2021

"Got the new wheels today Tony. Thanks so much for the wheel bags as well. Appreciate it so much."
Lori, September 2021

"Got them. Look great!!! Thanks so much !"
Chris, September 2021

"I was very impressed with the fast delivery of my order. Hope to do more business in the future."
Brenda, September 2021

"First off all I would like to say thank you for making sure that I am getting the right size skate and possible mods for me.... I appreciate your time, patience and professionalism!!"
Daniel, September 2021

Fitzgerald, August 2021

"Thank you for getting the skates & pads to me so quickly, arrived yesterday. Everything fits great and my daughter is pumped about starting her derby classes!"
Tanya, August 2021

"Thank you Tony. Equipment is fantastic. Appreciate all your help."
Shaun, August 2021

"Thank you very much Tony. I really appreciate your patience… personal service is alive … difficult to find in the highly competitive world we now live in. And found on the opposite side of the planet. How special 😆"
Mandy (RollerSkatin.ca’s new no. 1 fan),  August 2021

"I want to thank you so much for helping me with my nephew’s birthday present. I don’t think I could have done this without your help, you have been amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait to see them…. You are a life saver."
Karen, August 2021

"Thanks for the quick responses and service."
Gordon, July 2021

"The skates fit perfectly and they're super comfortable. About to go to the rink and test em' out. Thanks again for all your help and most importantly, your honesty. I'm gonna grab those Savants before the end of summer.  Roll Bounce!!"
Justice, July 2021

"Tony the skates are deadly!!! Thank you so much!!"
Nathan, July 2021

"Just received the skates today for my daughter and they fit her great! Thanks for your help."
Brooke, July 2021

"Just wanted to say Thanks - the skates arrived yesterday and oh my they're fast. The fit is good too - nothing an extra sock won't fix. I'm looking forward to trying them out tonight... with safety gear of course :) Cheers"
Helen,  July 2021

"...Your customer service is fantastic :)"
Colleen, June 2021

"Thank you to Tony and the team that helped make this possible!"
Quinn, June 2021

"Thanks Tony!!  You rock!"
Renee, June 2021

"Well sir I thank you for all your attention to detail on this and I'll keep you posted. It's nice seeing someone still embracing the sport."
Stuart, June 2021

"Hey.. Tony got the package.. Thanks Bro. Great service. Much appreciated."
Fitzgerald, June 2021

"Thank you for your help and for the quick response!"
Angie, June 2021

"Omggg they just came in! That was super fast, and they look and feel amazing. Thank you so much! I’ve referred three people to your company! Because the service was just amazing and hey who doesn’t want some fire skates! Thank again!"
Aleeyah, June 2021

"... I would also like to comment on the quick delivery and that the packaging was great."
Tanya, June 2021

"I got the Astra skates and thank you so much for your help. I absolutely love them. My girlfriend will be ordering the exact same pair."
Mil, June 2021

"They arrived and I’m practicing already! Thank you so much Tony!! SOOOoo excited!"
Aislyn, June 2021

"Thank you for all your help Tony. 5 star support for sure. Much appreciated Tony."
Tae, May 2021

"I'm quite surprise you're still working this late in the hour. Great customer service!"
Aldo, May 2021

"Thanks for your patience and helping me choose a skate."
Cheryl-Ann,  May 2021

"I got the skates yesterday, they're awesome!"
Sheena, May 2021

"Thank you again Tony for taking the time to talk to me today. I am so excited about picking these up on Saturday!"
Latoya, May 2021

"Hey Tony!! Just got the skates! They look fantastic!! Thanks so much!!!!"
Matthew, May 2021

"You're the best! Thanks so much 😎😎"
Nikole, May 2021

"Just wanted to let you know I received my order this afternoon and to say thanks again for being awesome!  These wheels are really cool especially the sure grip optics. Thanks for the recommendation!"
Kate, May 2021

"Awesome advice! Thanks for all your help with this!!"
Elizabeth, May 2021

"The skates came today and she is one happy teen girl. Loves them.   Thanks for getting them out so fast."
Caro, May 2021

"Thank you so much for your quick response again Tony! I'm so excited for these skates!"
Megan, May 2021

"Thank you so much! You have been a tremendous help to me.  I look forward to getting back on skates.... I was raised on skating as a teenager and the urge to do it has never left. It's been a while,  but I really look forward to the challenge.  Thanks again,  Tony.  You made my day!"
David, April 2021

"Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try them out!! :)"
Adele, April 2021

"Thank you Tony!!!!! Everything is perfect. 🙏🏿"
Winsome, April 2021

"You have been so great - thank you so much for all of your help!"
Sera, April 2021

"Thanks for all your help today. My daughter is so happy with the new skates. She got home and put them on immediately and then skated for two hours straight!"
Eric, April 2021

"BOUGHT. BOOM. DONE. IM PUMPED!! .... Thanks so much for helping me! I'm so excited ❤️😭. You've made my Instagram dream come true."
Colleen,  April 2021

"Got the gloves.  Totally worth the wait.  Thanks Tony."
Steven,  April 2021

"Just got my skates 😁✅ thank you for the quick service I can't wait to try them!!!"
Jenny, April 2021

"Thanks for answering all my questions on the phone!"
Kim, April 2021

"Perfect thank you so much! Really appreciate it, great service! :)"
Jane, April 2021

"Merci beaucoup. Je regarde le tout avec attention et je vous reviens. Et quel excellent service en passant!!!!👌"
Amélie, April 2021

"You are a great help, Tony! Much appreciated - I'm recommending you to my friends."
Garyan, April 2021

"Tony!  The skates are amazing!  I love them. Thank you."
Marissa, April 2021

"Thanks again for your help! Super psyched to start skating. :)"
Tomara, April 2021

"Thank you so much for your help! I will definitely recommend you to my friends!"
Courtney, March 2021

"Hey, Tony. Thank you so much for being a great help!! I’m getting ready to order. I appreciate you for your kindness!!!"
Daija, March 2021

"I can hardly wait!  Thanks for the extra care in making sure I got the right size."
Robert, March 2021

"My first ever pair of skates, I am SUPER excited!"
Felicity, March 2021

"These fit great. They are the only brand I could find in XXL."
Lori, March 2021

"Received my package today!  Yay!  LOVE my skates!  Thank you!"
Angela, March 2021

"Got everything! Thanks for the great service!"
Laurie, March 2021

"Thanks for all your help with my order information. I got my skates yesterday and the fit is perfect. I can’t wait for the weather to get better so I can get outside and get into skating again."
Craig, March 2021

"Thank you so much Tony!  My friend also placed an order today, so it is going to be a fun summer with our new roller skates!"
Megan, March 2021

"Thank you so much, I just placed my order! You were very helpful"
Annie, March 2021

"I’m so stoked! Thanks so much for the excellent customer service!"
Josee, March 2021

"I just grabbed the new skates and put them on and they are perfect...I'm so glad we did the switch. Again I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you being so awesome with me over the exchange...thank you so much again and I will be sending people your way and I will for sure be buying other things through u guys later on."
Brenda, March 2021

"Thank u again for your awsome responses and help!!!!"
Crystal, February 2021

"Hello!  I received my order - everything works great!  Thank you so much. If I need anything else I will be back to you."
Karyn, February 2021

"I was able to grab the skates today...they are amazing I love them so much...I really appreciate all your help. Your customer service is great and I'm already telling people about you guys so I hope u get a few orders your way...I will be making future purchases with you guys for sure. Thanks again and have an amazing day :)"
Brendan, February 2021

"I got my wheels and plugs 😁 Thanks again, I really appreciate all of your help."
Karlie, February 2021

"Amazing I really appreciate the response thank you so much....have an amazing day 😊 "
Brenda, February 2021

"Its -30C here in Manitoba but my new quad roller skates arrived a couple of days ago.  I love them, they fit great, and they’re making me think of summer.  Thanks for the help on a phone call and for your fast service in getting my order to me.  .... I can’t wait to get rollin around."
Jimm, February 2021

"I also want to thank you, I had a wonderful shopping experience."
Laurie, February 2021

2020 Testimonials

"THIS IS THE BEST NEWS! I will try and figure out the timing to pick up my skates and let you know. Thanks again for delivering such great news on a friday!" 
October 2020

"Hello! So glad I found you! Your site is HUGE, lots to peruse and lots in stock. Looking forward to future purchases; will recommend you highly to anyone-especially for the larger sizes - for rapid and pleasantly professional service. My son is very happy with his new wheels; immediately comfortable, with a great fit!" 
October 2020

"With your customer service, I think when we need more skate stuff I'm coming to you. I appreciate all your help." 
September 2020

"Looking forward to receiving the tools, you’ve been a great help and one day when in Ontario in my fav country Canada, I’ll swing by and say hi. Till then best regards and Thank you" 
September 2020

"Just wanted to let you know my daughter is ecstatic with her stuff. Thank you so much." 
September 2020

"I went skating yesterday. Love the skates  :)" 
September 2020

"Thank you for your great customer service." 
September 2020

"Thanks again Tony for all your help with my skating items, for you have really helped get me "back on the rink"!!" 
August 2020

"I got my skates about an hour or so ago. Thank you so much for helping me out - a size 8 is actually perfect!" 
August 2020

"Thanks again for the excellent service, product and stickers, yes my daughter also appreciates the stickers. We will share your company information with friends and people we meet." 
August 2020

"Hi I just want to say thank you for the great customer service. I ordered the Pulse Atom color black. Timing , packaging and service was excellent!" 
August 2020

"Thank you for your honesty!  A rare commodity. A return would be great thank you." 
August 2020

"Thank you so much, for all your help in picking new outdoor wheels and cushions for my skates ...if it wasn’t for you my skates would still be sitting in my closet. Can hardly wait 😊 " 
July 2020

"Awesome, thank you so much! I really apreciate your customer service!!" 
July 2020

"Many thanks Tony. You're fabulous - customer service is great." 
July 2020

"Thank you so much for the advice! Order placed! Super appreciate the quick turnaround on email! You folks rock!" 
July 2020

"I received my skates today! Thank you so much for all your help and work to get them to me. They are perfect and fit great." 
July 2020

"The skates were just delivered.. Thank you soooo much! Girls were super excited to find them at the door." 
July 2020

"Thank you so much. The packaged arrived, and I have a very happy 8 year old. We truly appreciate your efforts." 
July 2020

"Thanks Tony! You have been very helpful. We’ve bought all our roller gear from your place and will continue to do so in the future." 
July 2020

"I received the spacers Monday & they were exactly what I needed. Thank you so much & I'll be in contact for my future skating needs." 
July 2020

"Perfect and thank you so much! I'm glad I picked your store to order!" 
June 2020

"Thank you!!! My order arrived today! Woot! Let’s roll." 
June 2020

"My skates already arrived today! They're gorgeous, thanks for the speedy service." 
June 2020

"We have the Pacer skates in hand and they look awesome. Thanks so much for all your help and effort in making a small boy very happy. You will be our go-to team for any future rollerskating needs!" 
June 2020

"Thanks so much! I really appreciate y’all reaching out! But omg the Boardwalk skate was the score of the summer! I’ve been trying to hold out for the big restock in a few months but my mom’s skates from the 70s finally broke and there isn’t a bearing on the planet that fits those dinosaurs lmao." 
June 2020

"Just wanted to let you know that my wheels came in today and everything looks great! Can't wait to try them out!" 
June 2020

"I'm so happy to have found a Canadian retailer and one that carries these adjustable skates, so they will last my daughter for 3 yrs at least. Happy kid, happy mom!!!" 
June 2020

"Easy porch pickup this morning, thanks again!" 
June 2020

"I also want to say I realllllly appreciate the quick and friendly customer service! Especially with all that's going on with the world, it's put a smile on my face. :)" 
June 2020

"Thank you so much for working during these difficult times. By the way, the skates are very nice, can’t wait to try them!" 
June 2020

"Thank you for your help. You have been really great!!" 
June 2020

"Thank you for such amazing customer service." 
June 2020

"Thank you for your message. I'm very pleased that you were prompt to respond with regards to my order." 
June 2020

"The shipping was fast and the quality of products was great! Thanks so much!" 
June 2020

"Hello, I just received my order and I love the Boardwalk skates!" 
June 2020

"Just wanted to say thank you I just received my skates. Super excited and great service!  Will recommend you to all I know :)" 
June 2020

"Bought cheap skates on amazon before I found your store but they don’t roll lol. I will be shopping in your store from now on. Thank you so much for your effort!!! The skates look fabulous!!!" 
June 2020

"Thanks so much for checking with me, that's awesome of you." 
May 2020

"Thanks again, it made my morning!" 
May 2020

"Loving my skates so much!!! So awesome getting back into skating!" 
May 2020

"Once again thank you so much, you guys have amazing customer service!" 
May 2020

"oh i am so excited!!!! Thank you so much." 
May 2020

"Got it today thank you again!" 
May 2020

"I have been eyeing every Canada Post truck hoping that the driver has my skates. I haven’t been so excited about something in a long time!! Glad to hear that they’re ready to ship!!" 
May 2020

"I think you are right an insole might snug them up a bit better. I will try an insole and some socks and I think I'll be good to go - I didn't think of that. Thanks for your help !" 
May 2020

"Thank you for helping us out! Stay safe!" 
May 2020

"Thank you so much! I'm so excited!!" 
May 2020

"I got my skates in the mail today. Thanks so much." 
May 2020

"Just wanted to follow up and say that the skates got here and they are beautiful!" 
May 2020

"You are amazing thanks so much and stay safe." 
May 2020

"We got our order just in time for this great weekend of skating. Thanks again!" 
May 2020

"Thanks for all the good service" 
May 2020

"Thank you so much for your help! I honestly appreciate it so much." 
May 2020

"Thank you, I received my skates today. They are beautiful! Took them for a spin, the plate is lovely." 
May 2020

"Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast! You know what, I think you're right-- I think I just have to get used to them. Thank you so much for your help again! I really do appreciate it." 
May 2020

"Thank you so much!! I appreciate the help." 
May 2020

"I know I want ceramics and figure you must know so much more than I do when it comes to them. So I’ll take your recommendation on what you think I should put in these skates and buy that. Thanks!" 
May 2020

"I understand completely--thank you for taking the time to update me on this. You guys are working hard and we all appreciate it. Please stay safe during these uncertain times, and I hope you have a good weekend!" 
May 2020

"Thank you for responding. Have a great weekend." 
May 2020

"Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I completely understand, I don’t mind waiting the rest of this week to see if your shipments come!" 
May 2020

"Thanks so much for the thorough update! Fingers crossed the shipment will come in by the end of next week." 
May 2020

"Thank you everything! I don't mind the wait, I'm just happy that skating has taken off during the pandemic and keeping the shops busy - hopefully derby will return eventually." 
May 2020

"Thank you very much for the rapid service. We'll have everything we need for now. Big thank you." 
May 2020

"Thank Tony! I am excitedly awaiting my skates :)" 
May 2020

"Hi Tony! Got my skates on Monday. Not gonna lie, I'm in love. Can't get enough. Thanks for your great service." 
May 2020

"Awesome, thank you so much, Tony!" 
May 2020

"Thanks so much for the plates and the help! Hope you're doing well!" 
May 2020

"Stay safe and thank you!!!" 
May 2020

"Thank you so much! I'm very excited :)" 
May 2020

"Once they’re ready just let me know and what the pickup hours are. I’m glad you’re busy!  Make hay while the sun shines!" 
May 2020

"I would like to thank you again for helping me." 
May 2020

"Just ordered the other four cushions. Thanks again for catching that!!" 
May 2020

"Good enough, I’ll trust that! I can’t wait to get them, you have no idea how excited I am and will be telling everyone where to get their skates!" 
May 2020

"That is incredibly generous of you, thank you so much. She will be so happy." 
May 2020

"I ended up figuring it out. They're just so new they felt tight. I took your advice of trying again and thanks so much. They're perfect!" 
May 2020

"I'm not in a rush for them so I can wait until the toeguards come in and pick it all up together at the end of the week. Just shoot me a message when they come in please. Thanks so much Tony!" 
May 2020

"Awesome!! Thanks so much Tony." 
May 2020

"OH! No worries! I am impressed you responded so fast! I can be patient, I was just curious :D I cannot use them for a couple of weeks anyway. Chicago is still on lockdown :D I really appreciate your speedy response! And good luck!" 
May 2020

"Thank you for getting back so quick. Woohoo I am so so excited." 
May 2020

"Perfect! I'd love to add toe stops to my order. I have nothing but time so depending on when you get back to me I could come out there today!" 
May 2020

"Thanks Tony I cant wait!  You are amazing 😉" 
May 2020

"Hi Tony, Just want to let you know that I received the roller skates and protections. I love them and your service! Thank you so much!" 
May 2020

"They are PERFECT ! Thank you so much again!" 
May 2020

"Many thanks Tony. This is actually a gift for a Frontline workers as a surprise and a thank you for everything they have done! Thank you for getting back so quickly, I very much appreciate it and I promise you, you will be getting repeat business from us. I am so excited I found your site!" 
May 2020

"Thank you for the quick response! Thanks again, so psyched! " 
May 2020

"Thank you for getting back so quick. Woohoo I am so so excited." 
May 2020

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the quick delivery time. I received the skates today. Now if I could only remember how to skate LOL. My daughter is enjoying the sight of her mother careening around the apartment on wheels. Thanks again, will definitely be in touch to shop for other items in the future. Take care." 
May 2020

"Wow really!!! That’s great thanks so much. I completely understand the demand, it’s nice out and everyone’s off and going outside. I am so happy to have found some. Thanks for all of your help." 
May 2020

"I got the nuts, that was fast!  Thanks for sending them!" 
May 2020

"That sounds great! Thank you so much, again for helping me with this." 
May 2020

"thanks tony!" 
May 2020

"Thankyou thankyou." 
Kerrie, May

"Amazing. Thank you for letting me know!" 
May 2020

"Thank you for the update!! Thank you kindly." 
May 2020

"My skates are here!!! They're gorgeous! Everything good so far, thank you so much!!" 
May 2020

"Awesome, many thanks!!" 
May 2020

"Once again, thank you so much for your help Tony!" 
May 2020

"Thank you very much! Stay safe!" 
May 2020

"Thank you for your time Tony!  Very kind of you!!! Take care!" 
May 2020

"Yes i will take those skates Tony and thank you for the pink wheels and laces and no extra cost, I really appreciate that. Thank you, stay safe." 
May 2020

"Perfect! Thanks Tony!" 
May 2020

"Thank you so much!!!!" 
April 2020

"I just received the plates and everything is fine, thank you." 
April 2020

"Thanks for all your help Tony, I put in my order (went a little crazy) lol. Im so excited to get skating outside" 
April 2020

"Awesome thx for your help. I look forward to my new skates." 
April 2020

"Thanks so much for all your help. I am sure we will be back soon as it is my son’s birthday in May.  Hahaha" 
April 2020

"Amazing, that's all I needed to hear 😊. My son is excited to get his safety gear!" 
April 2020

"Thank you for your fast reply! No problem, thank you for the update!" 
April 2020

"Thanks so much for the advice, so helpful! Placing my order today :)" 
April 2020

"Thanks so much for the update on my order Tony, very much appreciated." 
April 2020

"We have received the skate today! My son will have fun with it this summer." 
April 2020

"Thanks so much for all your help guiding me through the outdoor skate world. I received the package on Monday and within hours my friend and I were doing our first wheel removals and stepping out on the new and pretty outdoor wheels 🙂 They roll so smoothly and we both love the colours! Can't wait for warm weather so we can start breaking them in!" 
April 2020

"Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. I have never skated before, it will be my first time :) Thank you again. I'm happy to support a Canadian business especially during these times :)" 
April 2020

"Thank you so much! Im so excited!! Haha" 
April 2020

"I went ahead and placed my order. Here's hoping for fast shipping, I won't really mind waiting though. I really do appreciate the time you took to help me through this!" 
April 2020

"I will just wait for the ones I ordered but thank-you so much for sending over other options! Thanks to your team and hopefully everyone is healthy and happy." 
April 2020

"Thanks so much for all your help!" 
April 2020

"Thanks, I’m so excited for my skates" 
April 2020

"Got my pads. They're so nice, thanks again!" 
April 2020

"Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it very much. Stay safe as well." 
April 2020

"I appreciate all your help." 
April 2020

"Skates are here and they are perfect! Thanks for the advice!!! Honestly you will always be my fav skate shop! Both times I've ordered I have had perfect service and product! And your prices are fantastic! Can hardly wait to roll with my son! Thank you so much!" 
February 2020

"Thank you, Tony! My kid loves her new gear." 
February 2020

"Tony my good man, you are making me the happiest person on the planet! "The skates are awesome!!! You treated me like gold, and it’s so appreciated. You have a lifelong customer!"
John, February 2020

"Thank you so much for getting back to me and having the alternates available, that is excellent service."
Lauren, January 2020

"Thank you so much, Tony...for your time and expertise yesterday! I am in love with my new skates. I got a chance to work in my skates this weekend and I love how they feel!! I'll definitely be getting an outdoor pair in a few months."
Marcia, January 2020

"What a difference!! Thanks again for your help with my skates."
Samantha, January 2020

2019 Testimonials

"My son loves his skates! Will barely take them off haha."
Heather, December 2019

"Thanks Tony much appreciated! I’m very much loving the vanilla skates you put together for me!  Best skates I’ve ever had!"
John, December 2019

"Thanks For all your help Tony I appreciate it!"
Stan, December 2019

"Skates are awesome 👏 Merry Christmas to you and yours."
Ian, December 2019

"Just received the package! Thank you! The laces - very cool!, skates, pads are so amazing — my little girl’s mind will be blown when she gets this Xmas day!"
Alison, December 2019

"Thanks again for all of your help!"
Melissa, November 2019

"Thanks for your help, patience and very (very!) quick responses and great customer service!"
Patricia, November 2019

"Hi, Tony! Just got my skates! Loving them and so excited to get out there! Thnx!"
Carrie, November 26, 2019

"I just received C's skates! They're fantastic! Thnx so much! You saved Christmas! Haha. Anyways, the more I look at his, the more I'd like a pair for myself. Thnx for all your help! You're the best!!"
Carrie, November 22, 2019

"Thanks for everything"
Kevin, September 2019

"Thank you for all your help, you're the best!"
Kathy, September 2019

"Thanks for sending our order so fast."
Carrie, September 2019

"Thanks again for your help and quick answers!"
Julie-Anne, September 2019

"Thanks for working with me on this!"
Amy, September 2019

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the skates. I used them Sunday and they were actually better to skate in than my old ones. Didn’t hurt my feet at all, took about 15 mins and they were perfect. Just wanted to let you know I always point people your way when they need something."
Stephanie, August 2019

"Thanks so much for all of your help."
Meagan, August 2019

"I got my skates friday or in my case FriYAY! Thank you so much for doing this they are glorious!"
Mahoganie , August 2019

"Thanks for all the speedy replies. Much appreciated.... they've arrived and they're perfect."
Therese , August 2019

"Tony, thank you for the excellent service and for responding to my questions."
Tushar, August 2019

"Thank you very much for your time and help I really appreciate it. I love everything!"
Edward, July 2019

"Thanks so much! You are the best!"
Dawn, July 2019

"Thanks for the info! After setting up my skate and taking them out for a spin, they definitely feel good."
Violet, July 2019

"When I was matched with the right skates for me they felt amazing! It took no time to get used to them. Thanks Tony and a huge thank you to your helper Dave :)"  
July 2019

"I have just received my new mota metcon, and I am pretty excited. The size is perfect (yay!)...I am from a small town in BC (Houston) and I have just started a new league here. I have been advertising your shop quite heavily to my new teammates, because I really appreciate your customer service" 
Ann Christine, June 2019

"Tony tony tony has done it again the wheels were excellent, my brother thanks you so much!" 
Hugh, June 2019

"Tony my order has arrived and I installed the new bearings and man they spin like crazy - cant wait to try them out thanks again"
Perry,  June 2019

"Tony thanks again for all your help...super excited! The skates are awesome"
John, June 6, 2019

"You are a life saver Tony, Cheers dude!!!!"
Kimberley, June 2019

"Received the order last night -  thank you!  Exceptional customer as usual.  See you at the next bout!" 
Leanne, May 2019

"Thank you so much for today. It’s was a lot of fun and very informative. I love my skates ❤️" 
Margarette, May 2019

"Thank you for such a smooth online ordering experience. Your website is absolutely gorgeous!" 
Kimmie, May 2019

"Thank you very much for your understanding! :) I really appreciate your offer to help in all ways. Will definitely return for the next skate thing I need to purchase :D" 
Hans, May 2019

"Thanks for finding this option. Much appreciated!" 
Marie, May 2019

"Thanks Tony, the skates fit perfect!" 
Lorna, May 2019

"Thank you so much for being so kind. You were very helpful. I believe you earned yourself a lot of young customers. She is going to be so excited." 
Maray, May 2019

"I got them! Looks like both pairs fit us. Thanks for the help with finding the right size!" 
Oleg, April 2019

"She loves them. Thank you for all your help. We will definitely recommend you!!!" 
Jason, April 2019

"That worked great! I found the correct size and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the tip and have a great weekend!" 
Kristine, April 2019

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and advice on this!" 
Luanne, April 2019

"I am literally screaming with excitement! Thank you!!" 
Stephanie, April 2019

"omg that was FAST !!!  cheers thank you" 
Denise, March 2019

"Helmet came early yesterday afternoon, and it’s perfect! Just in time for her skate sesh! She’s happy, it fits perfectly. Thanks so much for great service!" 
Elisabeth, March 2019

"Thanks again for the excellent customer service!" 
Gareth, February 2019

"Gear is great! Thanks." 
Becky, February 2019

"The Ezeefits are pretty awesome aren't they? I heard about them from another back country skier, my husband and I tried them and now we're telling everyone." 
Victoria, February 2019

"Thank you so much again, you’re so great to deal with!!" 
Alison, February 2019

"Bearings arrived safely;) Thank you very much!!!" 
Dan, February 2019

"Tony, your customer service is exemplary. People like you are exactly why I continue shopping here." 
Alia-Marie, January 2019

"Just thought I'd let you know I really like my skates. They are very comfortable." 
Peter, January 2019

"Hi Tony... just wanted you to know got my gear today...everything looks awesome!! Thanks so much!!" 
Hannah, January 2019

"Thanks for your help / advice."
Sherrie, January 2019

"Hi Tony. The shipment has arrived. Getting ready to assemble, looking good. Thank you!" 
Paul, January 2019

"Just wanted to let you know my daughter loves the skates! She was hesistant to try roller skating at first but after seeing these she was so excited and started using them right away." 
Wincy, January 2019

2018 Testimonials

"Thanks so much for the delivery. The skates look great ... Happy Holidays!" 
Mary, December 2018

"The wheels were awesome! Made a huuuuuuge difference! Thank you sooo much!"
Jane, December 2018

"Just wanted to say thanks again for your help this week." 
Camerin, December 2018

"Hi Tony, got the bag today. Love it!" 
Lisa, December 2018

"Thanks again! My kids love all the skates we have bought from you, they use them almost daily." 
Reichard, December 2018

"Just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for your attention to my recent online purchase, and your speedy FREE delivery. I received my purchase exactly when you said I would, and the courier was so nice.  Online purchases can be worrisome - will I get the package in time? Will there be unexpected costs at the door? Will it even come? Is there a real human somewhere on the other side of my order to help me if I need it? Shopping with RollerSkatin was a DREAM - I didn't have any of those worries. Happy Holidays!" 
Arryn, December 2018

"Thanks for the great service as usual . Now I just have to wait for Santa to deliver it .lol." 
Jim, November 2018

"The skates and knee pads fit perfect, my daughter is thrilled, so thank you for your help!!" 
Shawn, October 2018

"Thanks for everything! Loving my new gear!" 
Samantha, October 2018

"Just wanted to say thanks again for helping me with the skates. Those Dominions with the abec 7 bearings made a huge difference on the floor. Should have done this years ago! The low cut Rock skates took some getting use to but are very comfortable." 
Tony, September 2018

"Got them Tony and they fit and look wonderful!  Thanks so much!" 
Victoria, September 2018

"Thanks a lot for the amazing service!" 
Audrey, September 2018

"I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help! You've been such a pleasure to work with in getting all of my gear." 
Amanda, September 2018

"I've received the rollerskates yesterday. They are so beautiful. I love them." 
Skippy, September 2018

"Wearing the knee pads as we speak. Perfect fit. Really happy with them. Same with the wrist guards." 
Jennifer, September 2018

" I can't speak highly enough about your customer service and will be sure to get your name out there to other people needing derby (or similar) equipment." 
Jacalyn, August 2018

"Thanks again Tony for doing the legwork on this!" 
Michele, August 2018

"Thanks a lot for the help Tony!" 
Mathieu-Etienne, August 2018

"The items arrived today, and just wanted to say thank you! very well packaged, and love the stickers and business cards. Thanks again, will be back soon!" 
Deb, July 2018

"Just wanted to let you know that we love the new rollerskates! We have passed your name onto a few friends that may be in need of some new skates too." 
Robin and Rod, July 2018

"Holy s***! The parts arrived today thank you so much Tony you were a big help." 
Terry, July 2018

"This tie dye box just makes me happy ☺  It’s kind of a “love at first sight" ahahah! I will use it as a box for keeping all my other stuff for the skates. Again, thank you for your client support!" 
Josée, July 2018

"I love the roller bones wheels I picked up from you at the pier." 
Lori, July 2018

"The skates just made it yesterday and "wow! i love them!!" :D It's funny, they weigh more than my fav. pair but they feel soo much lighter, like a perfectly balanced knife feels like an extension of yourself. I was overjoyed to see that you sent out the foam insoles and totally love the laces you picked out for me!! Thanks so much for your awesome customer service! :D." 
Lydia, July 2018

"Thanks for all your help!! Buying skates is tricky and I've appreciated your input every step of the day." 
Melissa, July 2018

"My sister loves the purple shark wheels and was super happy that they are actually a really nice lavender." 
Lydia, June 2018

"I so appreciate all of you input in assuring I end up with the best skate and fit for me!!" 
Martina, June 2018

"I am really excited to get our skates, Tony, GREAT customer service by you."
Debra, June 2018

"Bless you sir, thank you so, so much! I look forward to buying more in the future! My Son will be very happy." 
Paul, June 2018

"Your customer service is impeccable." 
Michelle, June 2018

"I am pumped to test out my new skates! I'll be sure to let you know if I have any other concerns or questions! You did a fantastic job, and were a great service to work with! Thank you again!" 
Jennifer, June 2018

"The S1 Mega Lifer in Dark Matte Grey XL arrived today as promised. It’s a perfect fit. Thanks very much for your assistance, and for providing a smooth and easy transaction."
Femi, May 2018

"Thanks so much! Highly recommend your patience and awesomeness and will find a way to spread the news!!!" 
Jacalyn, May 2018

"Best skates ever!!!! Had my best 27/5 lap time last night. I absolutely love them. No toe pinch and my feet feel great today. I'm so happy and I truly appreciate your amazing help. Your the best!!!!" 
Jen, May 2018

"I received my skate this morning, i’m very sastisfied with the product and the service. Thanks and for sure I’ll recommend Rollerskatin.ca" 
Pierre, May 2018

"I received my items safe and sound! Thanks again." 
Tanya, May 2018

"Thanks so much! I just placed my order and I can’t wait to use them! :)" 
Jade, May 2018

"Hey man, thanks for the boots...they fit perfectly." 
Allen, April 2018

"Thank you. They arrived and my daughter loves them." 
Sabina, April 2018

"Tony you are the best!" 
Stephanie, April 2018

"I just wanted to say thank you again for coming by the YMCA for me Tony! I really appreciated it!" 
Megan, April 2018

"I was at your place last weekend and bought the green skates. Just wanted to let you know that I love my skates. Thanks for keeping such a nice collection." 
Aadiv, March 2018

"New skates are great!" 
Galacticat, March 2018

"Wow what a day!!!  Went to Scooters with the kids and wife and skated for 2.5 hours! They usually only last 1... It was awesome! Everyone was soo happy!   What a great experience! Thanks again for all your help! I'll be sure and call on you again for parts and upgrades." 
Daniel, March 2018

"Katherine was really happy with your customer service and I have to say...so am I! Thank You!" 
Kim, March 2018

"Just wanted to say my skates arrived and are perfect. Thank you very much for your help and patience, I really appreciate it." 
Lindsay, March 2018

"Morning Tony, just received the rollerskates, they look fantastic thank you for doing such a great job making them. Definitely be in touch when we buy runners for Maureen and have her's made. Thanks again" 
Dave, February 2018

"I love my roller skates! They fit perfectly and well worth the wait. Thank you again for all your time helping me with my order. I will certainly send my friends, as you provided exceptional customer service." 
Jennifer, February 2018

"The skates are perfect! Me not so good yet :) In time, with practice." 
Kendra, February 2018

"Hey Tony! I skated on my new plates last night. It didn’t take me long at all to adjust. They are awesome! So smooth and easy to skate on.  Thank you! " 
Stephanie, February 2018

"I received all my gear today and everything fits perfectly!!  Thank you for your quick and efficient service!!!! I am very happy!!" 
Aimee, February 2018

"My skates arrived, thank you so much!! I love them and can’t wait to try them out." 
Laura, February 2018

"Thanks so much Tony for sending the parts early, got them on my skates and I think the new cushions make them feel a little more agile! I'm excited to see how my crossovers feel now!  Thanks again for the great service." 
Kate, February 2018

"Yay! I love the skates so much" 
Madeline (Facebook) February 2018

"Thanx ur the best!" 
Madeline, January 2018

"I got it!! Already mounted! Thank you so much for helping me out. Leaving for the World Cup in 3 days! Thank you for the fast service." 
Justine, Team NZ January 2018

"Thanks again Tony! As soon as we left, interSTELLAr said 'that is officially my favourite store ever!! It's derby heaven!'" 
Paul, January 2018

2017 Testimonials

"Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the Jackson skates. Really appreciate them. 
Jamil, December 2017

"Because of Rollerskatin.ca I can recap my childhood when I was roller skating, they have the skates I use to wear, and they are the perfect fit. I am so excited!" 
Patricia, December 2017

"Thanks once again for finding the perfect pair of skates for Callie. She can't wait to hit the track in them." 
December 2017

"The boots just got delivered safe and sound :-) They will replace the Rebel pair that I have for park skating in a couple of years. I knew that in 2 years time the S75 model would no longer be findable. Glad I found them now thanks to you." 
Martin, December 2017

"Thanks so much!! You are working too late - get some sleep ! LOL" 
Jenn, December 2017

"My order arrived yesterday. It's perfect. Thank you for the service, very appreciated." 
Anne-Claude, November 2017

"Thanks Tony! I cannot begin to tell you how excited my daughter is." 
Daniella, November 2017

"I loved the roller skates!! Thank you!!" 
Prashant, November 2017

"Thanks again Tony! Everything arrived and all was perfect. I’ll be ordering from you again." 
Lino, November 2017

"I received my helmet today and I love it!" 
November 2017

"Thanks again for all your help.  I'm happy to tell you that I tried out the skates after loosening those trucks. The boots are so comfortable and the wheels are to die for. No sore feet at all. It was a great feel." 
Lori C, November 2017

"Thank you so much for taking the time to help me find Skates!! I really appreciate it!" 
Darla, October 2017

"Thanks so very much for your expertise. You've been great! I gotta get out to your shop. I have already shared your Facebook page." 
Lori, October 2017

"I just received them thank you for the quality products and for putting in the bearings for me have a good one!" 
Shakur, October 2017

"Thank you so much for your help I TRULY appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!" 
Stacy, October 2017

"You. Are. Amazing." 
Justine, September 2017

"Got it today. Looks great! Will skate on them soon." 
Chris, September 2017

"The best selection of products for roller skating! I placed my order on a Tuesday, and received it that Friday." 
Ashton, August 2017

"Hi Tony I wanted you to know I have used the skates 3 or 4 times. Naturally they required adjusting to my skating abilities.I tightened up the trucks some and loosened the wheels. They are very comfortable and I am really enjoying skating even more!" 
Nicholas, August 2017

"Thanks, Tony! I am submitting the order right now!!! You're the best:D" 
TerraBrie, August 2017

"Already got them that's awesome and they look great! Thanks for everything" 
Billie Jo, August 2017

"Just a quick letter to say thank you as I received my order yesterday. I am really pleased. I hope to do some business with you in the future and I can wholeheartedly recommend your services!" 
Carl, August 2017

"Thanks again Tony! It was love at first sight for Jamie and her skates!" 
Melissa, August 2017

"Amazing! You rock!!" 
Danielle, June 2017

"I LOVE ORDERING FROM YOU GUYS!!!! I placed my order I think Tues, said it wouldn't be here till the 12th and I just picked it up!!!!! This is why I keep coming back!! Don't change!!" 
Melissa, June 2017

"Just picked up my skates today.......they look amazing!!!! Thanks so much can't wait to try them!!" 
Michelle, May 2017

"Thanks for being so easy to work with!" 
Ryan, May 2017

"I wanted to let you know I got my wheels and they are amazing!!! It's so fast and smooth! I don't have to stride so hard anymore to keep up with the rhythm skaters! Thank you!" 
Genny, May 2017

"They arrived!! They may be the most beautiful things I've ever seen. ;) I don't even have time to put wheels on them tonight, and I won't get to skate in them until next week, but I did try them on and they feel great. Thanks for all your help!!" 
Evan, May 2017

"ship it out :) excited to receive it.. I'll have my own gear to crash it to walls with..lol" 
Melissa, May 2017

"I have the skates!! They are amazing!!!!! I haven't gotten them on my feet as of yet, but I will be trying them out tomorrow! Thank you for all your help and the super fast delivery!"
Tanya, April 2017

"Just wanted to let you know that we got the skates. My daughter is overjoyed and actually slept with them in her bed. Thank you for the great service!"
Cystal, April 2017

"Thanks for the quick info! I love your customer service!"
Charlene, April 2017

"I got my skates on Friday and I love them they could not fit me any better and are super comfortable. Thank you so much:)"
Cathy, April 2017

"I saw them at a derby game and bought a few things. The guy is so nice and very knowledgeable. I talked to him for quite a while actually. Awesome customer service for sure.... And he gives out free stickers! lol"
Jana, April 2017

"Thanks so much for your quick reply! I’ve sent off the order and l look forward to receiving everything : )"
Kaarla, March 2017

"You're the best!"  Tyson, March 2017

"Received the wheels on saturday. Thanks for the Free stickers. Meet you soon for a new order. Thanks a lot Tony!"
Jonathan, March 2017

"Got my wheels, thanks for quick delivery! Cheers!" 
Danielle, February 2017

"You guys are the best and super fast. Thank you so much for everything, I will visit your site soon for other things I need. Thank you personally for your help Tony!" 
Alan, February 2017

"I'm in Fredericton, training with the Capital City Rollers. Other people in the league have gotten skates various different places and had fine experiences, but so many All said such positive things about your store that it seemed like a no-brainer. If I could conveniently try on a variety of skates before making a decision, that would be even better, but barring that I'm going to go with the online store that has people raving about the service. Thanks for the help! I'll be in touch to order again soon!" 
Evan, February 2017

"Great store to deal with...I ordered online a pair of skates on regular shipping and received my product the day after it was shipped out! The guy I spoke to on the phone was very nice and very helpful and I took his advice and glad I did. They were just as described and looked in the picture and they fit too! Thank you, love my new skates!"
Tracy, February 2017

"Thank you so much for all the help!"
Lily, February 2017

"Last night was the first official practice where I could skate on them. I just need to work on adjusting myself from a highboot (antiks) back to a lower boot. Also getting used to the toe stops as well. Other then that no issues with the skates! Thanks for the Motas!"
Erin, January 2017

"perfect thank you so much tony you have been awesome to work with thank you!"
Jod, January 2017

"FREE Bearing installation - That's great news and even better customer service! Thanks for your quick reply!"
Rachelle, January 2017

"YOU'RE THE BEST! thanks!"
Jan, January 2017

2016 Testimonials

"Just wanted to say thanks so much!!!! The skates are exactly what I expected and I already did 2 trainings in them. You really took care of me throughout the whole process and gave me confidence in my purchase. Let me know if you'd like me to leave some reviews anywhere ;) But really, I appreciate you getting them to me as fast as you did. Thank you!!!!!!" 
Francisco, December 2016

"Thanks for the fast service, I'm looking forward to trying the new wheels in the new year (as soon as Santa gives them to me). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" 
Jim, December 2016

"I received the skates for my daughter and they are nothing short of amazing! Thank you so much for being so quick and friendly. I think I might need a pair for myself once the summer hits! Thanks for helping me give this amazing gift at Christmas!!" 
Becki, December 2016

"Thank you for recommending us! I just had Team Canada practice in Toronto and was surprised by the number of people I saw on Faster Wheels!" 
Sarah Hipel, December 2016

"I'm in love with my Bonts already and I haven't even left the living room!! So awesome!" 
Jenn, December 2016


Dawn, July 2016

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help! I received the skates yesterday just in time for my daughters bday.... She loves them! And they fit great! Thanks again!" 
Eric, July 2016

"Just had - hands down - the best ecommerce experience ever with ‪@rollerskatin_ca‬. Couldn't be happier! ‪#kudos‬ ‪#customerexperience‬ ‪#derbylove‬"  
Stephanie, (via Twitter @ShanksYa), July 2016

"Awesome! I can't thank you enough - she will be thrilled." 
Bridget, July 2016

"Thanks for your help, and business! Looking forward to some more hard hits on my knees, only this time with some protection :)" 
Jennifer, June 2016

"The new skates arrived and are perfect. Thanks for everything!" 
Jason, June 2016

"She loves her knee pads and wrist guards, and they won their game surely due solely to our purchase." 
Sherington, May 2016

"Tony thank you so much for all your help and kindness. I cannot wait to try my skates!" 
Marilu, May 2016

"Got it yesterday, thanks that was fast :)" 
Louis, May 2016

"I just got my Bont Hybrids today. YAY!!! I'll keep you updated...so excited!" 
Kathy, May 2016

"Thank you for all the info today, you've been incredibly helpful!" 
Elena, May 2016

"Yay Tony! My skates are here! Size is just right!! Thanks so much!" 
Lisa-Anne, April 2016

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time yesterday. We love our skates. I am very sure we will be doing business in the future. I have already given your card out to few friends who are looking to possibly buy skates. : )" 
Susan, March 2016

"My daughter loves, loves these Jr. Bonts. Thanks rollerskakin.ca money well spent!" 
Nadine, February 2016

"Thanks for all the help. Great customer service!" 
Denise, February 2016

"Love RollerSkatin.ca... Tony is very quick to respond and will work one on one with you to make sure all of your roller skating gear is safe, fits right and he has the cutest tee shirts!" 
Fran, February 2016

"Thank you so much for your quick response! I really appreciate all your help." 
Raquel February 2016

"Thanks for the advice on sizing! My skates fit perfectly and came super quick!" 
Nadine, February 2016

"I am super stoked about my skates. Thank you Tony." 
Dawn, January 2016

"Hi Tony, just want to tell you my son loves the skate bag that I got from you and the bearing press is great too (will save me a lot of time when I clean my bearings)." 
Jim, January 2016

"They arrived and they're fantastic! Thank you! They're replacing my very hard ridden skates. Can't wait to hit the track with them tomorrow night!" 
Jill, January 2016

"Thanks so much, these gloves are awesome!" 
Matteo, January 2016

"Thank you so much for your help. We have received the roller-skates on Friday. They looked and feel amazing." 
Janina, January 2016

2015 Testimonials

"Thank-you for the info. They seem to fit super well! So pleased!" 
Lisa, December 2015

"Thanks a ton...merry Xmas to you as well!" 
Paul, December 2015

"Package received - thank you so much!!!!!!" 
Laura, December 2015

"Thanks Tony. Everything arrived as ordered." 
Rick, December 2015

"Hi! Got them today, went in no problem! Can't wait to try them at practice tomorrow. Thanks again!" 
Miranda, November 2015

"Woohoo! Awesome! And thank you! You've been so helpful with my order. I'll def purchase from you guys again." 
Heather, November 2015

"Got the package already, thanks for the speedy service!" 
Wolf, November 2015

"Just got the tracking details. Just wanted to say thank you for all your time on this fairly small purchase. Your customer service is awesome!!! I think ill be keeping your site bookmarked for my Adonis Fix. I will be picking up the blues and greens in the next few months. Thanks again for everything!" 
Amil, November 2015

"So I feel really silly because I went home last night and it was at my place. I thank you for your patience with me. Can’t wait to get all my gear on tonight and hit the rink!" 
Jennifer, October 2015

"Thank you so much for all your help!" 
Zoe, October 2015

"Just received our first order from RollerSkatin.ca. Extremely pleased with this company; he called me back within an hour on a holiday weekend and then followed up to ensure the order was correct. He also included a few extra goodies in the order! We will be back!" 
Fran, October 2015

"Great !!! Thanks !! so happy !!" 
Jennifer ,October 2015

"I really really appreciate you going and taking the time with all of this. I will definitely keep ordering with you guys just based on this interaction. Super impressed already. Talk to you soon!" 
Anita, October 2015

"They just arrived...wow, they got here fast! It's like Christmas in my living room :D  My son LOVES the GT wheels. He says "thanks and that they are "really cool"!  He said he liked them so much he was going to "save them" ?!?! I razzed him about it, telling him that "that made no sense at all!" I said he just did want to pull the bearings out of his other wheels. LOL He likes both pairs of skates. For now, he can't decide which skates he prefers, says he has more room in width on the 103's but an the other hand he likes the support of the higher boot. So, you found a 13 foam insole and apparently a size 13 high boot with the aluminum plate. How cool is that! Thanks for getting those to us! Did I miss anything?...it kinda felt like a "Where's Waldo" game trying to figure out what those new surprises were. :D" 
Lydia, September 2015

"Thanks Tony for the quick reply, now to convince her to stick your website decal on the back of her helmet :)" 
Robert, September 2015

"We received our skates and everyone is thrilled! Thank you again for all your work on this group order!" 
Jenn, September 2015

"Awesome! You are the best!" 
Dena, September 2015

"Received everything. Love these ezeefit ankle things.. where were these years ago when I was figure skating!.. I used to cut up socks to protect my ankles.. I'll be using this for hockey as well they are so comfortable!" 
Haley, September 2015

"Amazing!!!! Thanks so much!" 
Miranda, August 2015

"I received the skates the other day and they are gorgeous so I want to thank u for sending them out so quickly!" 
Vania, August 2015

"Ordering these skates for my daughter's 6th birthday on Monday. I had asked a friend of mine to point me in the right direction and she referred me to you. You guys are awesome. My daughter has her heart set on roller skates and it makes me happy to know that she'll be getting exactly what she asked for. I really appreciate the help." 
Jeffrey, August 2015

"Thank you so very much! You've been so awesome with helping me and answering my questions!" 
Lydia, July 2015

"They arrived today, won't get to skate in them until tomorrow (well I couldn't resist a spin in the dining room!). Feel pretty comfy‎ so far...  I'll be sure to put a good word out there for you as usual :) Thanks again!" 
Tanya, July 2015

"They are a perfect fit, so I took them for a spin today and am very happy. Thanks again for the terrific service!" 
Robyn, July 2015

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all your help with my skates. They fit perfectly and I am so happy I don't want to even take them off. People want to know where I got them so I gave out your website at the rink tonight. You might be getting some more business from Milwaukee! I might even want to get another pair! I do have a question about wheels. At some point I may want to buy some grippier wheels. These are so smooth and slippery which would be perfect if I were a better skater!  Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks again! You're the best!!" 
Jackie, June 2015

"They are PERFECT! Thank you!" 
Terri, June 2015

"Just wanted to say Thank You for my awesome new skates and knee pads!! Fit great and so comfortable! Your awesome! (And all the girls are jealous now...ha!)  Thanks again :)" 
Lindsay, June 2015

"My wife is loving those Venus plates you mounted to her Antiks! Way smoother and more responsive than her Dynapro but still totally controllable. Thanks again for all your help!" 
Jeff, June 2015

"I really appreciate all of your help! I've been in a panic trying to figure what to do, and my coach recommended that I check out your site. I'd never heard of it before, but I'm really pleased with the service and the prices. Thank you so much!" 
Kathleen, May 2015

"IT SHOWED UP TODAY :))))  I will be forever loyal now. I bought my wheels in the USA and will never ever do that again. You have a customer for life. Thanks so much! Such amazing service!" 
Chantelle, April 2015

"Thanks again for all your help/patience Tony! Cheers!" 
Tim, April 2015

"Loveeeeee my wheels !!!!!! And of course my pink skate tool!! Thank you for getting them to me so fast. YOU ROCK.....roll bounce :)" 
Liz, April 2015

"Thank you Tony, great price and service as always!" 
Tanis, March 2015

"Fantastic!! You rock!!! Saved my butt!!" 
Vanessa, March 2015

"THANK YOU!!!! I am so happy you guys were at our game last night. Thank you for helping with my massive wheel malfunction last night." 
Heather, March 2015

"I am so excited thank you for your help Tony!" 
Beth, March 2015

"Fantastic. My skates are amazing! They fit perfect and are really comfortable. Thank you so so much for all the help!! I really really appreciate it! So pumped!" 
Jolaina, March 2015

2014 Testimonials

"I love the DBX5 Roller Skates I got from my family for Christmas! What a surprise, best gift ever! We are currently working on molding to fit, thanks to the video on the Crazy skates website, it is easy. What a great skate, thanks for all your help, my husband really valued your opinions and advice. Thank you and Happy New Year!" 
Angele, December 2014

"Got my first set of skates today in over 25 years and love love love them. Fit dead on and cute as a button. Very fast shipping. Thank you!" 
Liz, December 2014

"Thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you, wheels work great, a little sticky, but that’s ok, helps me grip better when I’m flying around a corner - cannot wait to see the look on my kids face when they see their light up wheels!" 
Danielle, December 2014

"Hey there, just emailing to Thank you again for your fantastic service, looking forward to dealing with you in the future!" 
Brad, December 2014

"Got everything today. Looks good! Thanks!" 
Susan, December 2014

"Thanks so much for getting the skates to us quickly! They arrived in time for my daughter's birthday and she is thrilled. She skated to school today and I think she may have started a craze. My son wants some too, so I'll be ordering again!" 
Melony, December 2014

"Thanks! I'm going to have one very happy kid! I'm sure she will wish they were pink, but she'll have to learn how to deal with it if she is going to be a derby Queen!" 
Melony, November 2014

"I got my skates first thing in the morning Thursday. They're awesome! They fit perfectly!" 
Craig, November 2014

"Received the wheels today - Thank you very much! I hope he likes them they look great!" 
Barbara, November 2014

"Thanks so much for all your help and patience!" 
Kristel, October 2014

"Thanks for working with me, You've been ever-so-helpful!" 
Terry,  October 2014

" OMG they are awesome!! I can't believe it they are so nice!! The wheels roll and roll and roll and roll with one spin. That's how we use to judge a good wheel and these wheels rock!! We just got home from skating, they handled amazing! Very quick to respond. We are so happy with the investment of many years of fun!
Karen & Tim,  September 2014

" Got the wheels today and already have them on my skates. Just need the rain to stop now ;) Thanks for a great service. I'll pass on your cards to my cousins. You should set up shop in England. With such a good service you'd do well. Thanks once more.
Louise,  September 2014

" I can't believe how good the wheels are (Turbo 101A), thank you for the suggestion!
Mike,  September 2014

" I just want to say thank you for going above and beyond to get my pads to me :). Your efforts are truly appreciated!
Meg My Day,  August 2014

" Best customer service ever!!! Thank you so much for your help this morning at D2 Playoffs!!
Amy, Boulder City Bombers,  August 2014

" I received my wonderful roller skates this morning. They fit perfect!! Took them out down a path near my place and it was just so awesome!! Just wanted to let you know! Thanks!!
Lise,  August 2014

" Got my skates today :) thank you so much..can't wait to try them out on sunday.  Thanks again for all your time and great service!!
Sandra,  July 2014

" Hey!! Just a note to let you know i received my gear and it all fits!!!! Wish me luck!
Darka,  July 2014

"S he LOVES her new derby pads we got from you!
Barb,  July 2014

" Just got the wheels this morning!... I thought I wouldn't be able to roll this weekend... great surprise!! Thank you and have a great weekend!
José,  July 2014