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METCON TEK VENUS Skate is a Superior Skate package with the best lightweight boots and reliable tough plates Built Aussie Tough – CNC machined aircraft aluminum 20 degree action – at a Super Great Price too!
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Imagine…Boots that fit comfortably from the first day you put them on. Have fun and start improving your skills immediately! METCON TEK, the lightest, most comfortable skate boots available. With Flex-TEK you get more comfort combined with support needed to land more tricks or learn new skills. Hand made for serious skaters. They are ideal for speed, Jam, derby and recrearion. The unique, fit, function, performance and price speaks volumes. PLUS thes boots have a unique built-in mounting template make mounting very fast and accurate.

• Flex-TEK
outsoles: The only one piece outsole with built-in counters that cradle your foot like a baby but provides support, agility and performance better than all its predecessors.

• Flex-TEK is more than meets the eye. The out of box experience will have you shaking your head in disbelief, asking yourself how is this possible? Top it off with counters that don't take break-in time and will NOT breakdown or become soft. Imagine...Boots that fit comfortably the day you buy them so you can have fun and start improving your skills immediately.

• Barefoot Fit: The unique shape of Max air combined with our contoured lacing makes for an out of the box experience you will NOT find with any other brand.
Tongue: No lace bite, Max Air tongues come pre-shaped, padded, with dual slits to secure tongue in place.


The Plate: CRAZY Skates VENUS in choice of Silver and available colours!
The CRAZY Venus plate is an exceptional design which utilizes the very best technologies that are available to create 'excellence' in its performance. The Venus Plate is made of very Lightweight extruded and tempered Aircraft Aluminum and then completely CNC Machined and highly Polished providing a GREAT looking Plate! It uses the very articulate 20 degree action that both rocks and turns like many of the best Artistic Skates in the World and with Trucks that use a single Adjustment Nut to articulate the Non-Click Action Adjustment. The standardized complete Truck Assembly assures consistent high levels of performance across the CRAZY Skates Frames, including the Venus and the Apollo.

The Wheels: ATOM Poison Savant
Proven winners on the track indoor and outdoor in five colour options!

The Complete Setup:
• Superior fit, lightness and price/performance advantages over anything else comparable with the METCON TEK boots!
• Superior plate – CRAZY VENUS Plates Built Aussie Tough – completely CNC machined aircraft aluminum 20 degree action!
• Versatile ATOM Poison Savant Hybrid wheels - indoor/outdoor 84A and choice of five colours!

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