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CRAZY DBX6 PRO Leather Derby Skates with VENUS Aluminum plates Built Aussie Tough! One of the most durable true derby skate packages at a super price!

CRAZY DBX 6 PRO Derby Skates Built Aussie TOUGH! One of the most durable true derby skate packages at a super price! The CRAZY Skates DBX 6 PRO are very High Performance Derby Skates and the culmination of many years of intensive research and development to bring the very best COMFORT and PERFORMANCE to the demands of Roller Derby! Many new advancements brough to the sport specifically for Roller Derby like the Heel-Lock, heat moldability and adjustable foot width system and superior materials and craftsmanship make the CRAZY DBX 6 PRO package hard to beat!!

DBX 6 PRO is a sleek and stylish roller derby skate that is designed for high performance on the track. This skate features a polished leather upper that not only looks great but also provides excellent durability and support during intense games.

The lightweight fiberglass internal flat sole of the DBX 6 PRO is specifically engineered to provide maximum power transfer, allowing skaters to achieve greater speed and agility on the track. This flat sole design also ensures that the skate remains stable and secure during quick turns and stops.

The lower sport cut boot of the DBX 6 PRO provides a snug and comfortable fit that is ideal for skaters who prefer a more minimalist design. This cut also allows for greater ankle mobility, which is essential for executing advanced manoeuvres on the track.

Overall, the DBX 6 PRO is a top-of-the-line roller derby skate that is built for speed, agility, and performance. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, the DBX 6 PRO is sure to deliver the performance and durability you need to dominate on the track.

DBX 6 PRO Features:
- Lower Sport Cut and Lightweight Polished Leather DBX 6 PRO boot with Premium Fiberglass Internal Flat Sole
- Heat-shapeable ABS counters in 70% of the boot to totally customize the fit of your boot!
- CRAZY VENUS 20 degree plates –  fully CNC extruded aircraft aluminum plate, super strong and lightweight!
- HLT Heel Lock Technology - Latex & Memory foam counter provides the perfect fit
- 3D Tongue - a soft padded tongue that conforms to the natural slope of your foot
- IFS Integrated Footbed System - provides full support for various arch conditions
- Crazy Premium ILQ-9 Twin-Cam Pro 8mm bearings
- CRAZY Jinx Derby wheels
- CRAZY Skates L'il Bloc adjustable Toe Stops with American (SAE) threads

- NOTE: Last Ones available at the SALE price in the sizes listed in the pull-down menu above! See the chart below for foot length size conversion.

NOTE: The measurements indicated are the length of the actual insole, your foot should measure approx. 4mm less than the insole.

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