QUBE Ceramic Bearings 8mm 16-Pack

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They take more heat than conventional steel = longer lasting roll under hard skating conditions! 8-Balls!

The QUBE Ceramic bearing uses ceramic ball technology, which can take more heat than conventional steel making them last longer and roll better, longer under hard skating conditions! This bearing is greased making it even more efficient at taking heat. Greased bearings also take less maintenance than standard oiled bearings, although free spin will be decreased which is not much of a factor since weight is applied to the bearing during skating.  This bearing also uses 8 balls instead of 7 which increases the side load of the bearing.  Ceramic material is also stronger than steel making them less susceptible to impact shock, a common cause of bearing failure. If these factors apply to you then the QUBE ceramic bearing is the perfect bearing for your skating style!

• Currently Available in 8mm (608) size only (7mm discontinued), package of 16 precision sealed and serviceable bearings.

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